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Tikkurila Judo Club

has been founded in 1976. Throughout the past near decades the club has profiled its activities as a "Supermarket of Judo".

In this market everyone can easily find his or her proper training teams or courses, from children up to elderly, from athletes to those with more fitness interests. The activities are strongly based on the education and training of young people, but also the grown up fitness oriented people can easily find suitable forms of activities. 

Our top athletes win annually medals in national championships in all age categories and they represent Finland in various international tournaments of these different age categories. Since 1992 Tikkurila Judo Club has been on the top of the national club ranking of Finnish Judo Association. The range of our members is very wide: from five years old kids up to over 60 years old seniors, from the fitness oriented to high level international competitors. 

Normally we start new courses every year at August-September. For more information please contact our General Secretary Juha Turunen, e-mail:

President of the Tikkurila Judo Club: Erkki Kokkonen, e-mail: ekku.kokkonen(at)

Vice-President: Jouni Korkka, e-mail:

The address of the Main Dojo: Tikkurila Sports Hall, Läntinen Valkoisenlähteentie 52, 01300 Vantaa Finland.